Key Facts about NAUTECH

Nautech is a full-cycle technology consulting company driving projects in the area of technology creation, commercialization and intellectual property (IP) protection. 

The company currently is the largest independent ASIC services aggregator and silicon IP blocks provider in Russia and CIS enabling modern fabless semiconductor industry in Russia.

NAUTECH helps international companies to materialize opportunities on the fast growing Russian market working in close cooperation with key local players, including government agencies and public corporations, venture funds, universities, international and national technology companies. 

NAUTECH enables Russian companies to get access to cutting-edge technologies and technology markets worldwide and opens Russian market for international technology companies. 

Company's headquarters are located in Moscow (Russia) with a representative office in Silicon Valley (San Jose, California, USA). 

NAUTECH Expertise

ASIC services

NAUTECH provides services in ASIC and SoC development and production services enabling fabless semiconductor industry in Russia. Developing such complex products independently will lead to highly extensive NRE costs. Finding right technologies, right partners and right customers could accelerate your product development and exploit a projects’ success.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the foundation of success for a technology company. Our team will help you build the IP strategy in Russia and CIS to make sure your most valuable IP assets are protected. We also employ team of patent attorney who will be able to execute on IP strategy, including prosecution of patent application, filing trademark registration, doing prior art searches. Our patent attorneys are licensed in Russian and Eurasia patent offices.

International Expansion

We understand how high technology business works, how important for technology business to gain access to worldwide markets or technology sources. We can enable your company presence in Russia having access to the Russian market and R&D resources, which are abundant in Russia.

Examples of Accomplished Projects

NAUTECH projects portfolio includes a number of completed projects in the area of microelectronics, software, biotechnologies, petrochemistry, metallurgy and material sciences for both Russian companies and international technology vendors. Here are just few examples:
  • Full ASIC production cycle and manufacturing process management for Russian CPU fabless company
  • The educational platform and twelve educational media modules in the area of intellectual property focused on the needs of venture companies in Russia
  • R&D strategy in Russia for one of largest international semiconductor company
  • R&D strategy in Russia, including creation of software R&D center for one of the largest international software company
  • International patenting strategy for the Russian venture energy company

NAUTECH partners: