ASIC services
ASIC development. IP blocks. Manufacturing and testing. Logistics.

ASIC services

NAUTECH is the largest independent ASIC services aggregator for the Russian/CIS market providing a full range of services for ASIC/SoC logical and physical design, prototyping and production. Working directly with ASIC design houses, silicon IP vendors, manufacturers and material suppliers, NAUTECH enables state-of-the-art SoC solutions scaling down to 28nm technology process.

NAUTECH is an authorized representative of IMEC (Belgium) – one of the largest services aggregator of TSMC (Taiwan) in the EMEA geography. NAUTECH provides direct access to foundry services for 0.5um – 28nm ASIC designs, testing/verification facilities, large number of leading IP vendors as well as a full spectrum of packaging solutions.

NAUTECH brings to the Russian market a comprehensive portfolio of silicon-proven foundry-specific IP blocks – more than 30 vendors from US, Canada, UK, Taiwan, Korea, Israel, France, Germany and Belgium. Company offers IP blocks both for logical (soft IP) and physical (hard IP) ASIC synthesis and constantly expanding IP vendor network in the Unites States, Europe and Asia.

NAUTECH is currently serving more than 15 Russian large and medium size ASIC design houses.

ASIC development and production services

NAUTECH provides a full range of services for ASIC/SoC development and production.

ASIC Development

IP blocks selection and procurement for ASIC or SoC design directly from IP vendors according to technical requirements and project budget

Pre-sale Support: 
  • Consultancy, front-end delivery for logical synthesis
  • Silicon validation, silicon test reports 
  • Standard cell libraries and IP blocks characterization
  • IP blocks porting, compatibility verification and customization
Foundry and IP vendors’ technical information: design rules, standard cell libraries information, design manuals, spice parameters, design kits, etc.

IP blocks procurement for 0.5um – 28nm ASIC or SoC designs directly from suppliers 

Post-sale/integration support: IP blocks customization, SoC integration support, IP maintenance and technical support (including IP blocks software support and upgrade), physical synthesis.

ASIC Production

Foundry services:
  • ASIC prototyping flow selection, foundry access 
  • Low-cost prototyping using multi project runs (CyberShuttle/MPW)
  • Full mask set tape-out runs (NTO or MLM) including engineering lots management, technology options, split conditions, wafer banking
  • Tape-out revisions (RTO) for full mask sets or selected layers
Packaging services on ASE (Taiwan) and Kyocera (Japan) facilities: 
  • Die attach type (bond wire / flip chip), material (plastic / ceramic), and packaging type selection (QFN, QFP, BGA, LGA, etc.)
  • Package thermal analysis and IBIS interconnect modeling
  • Wirebonding preparation or substrate development, chip assembly
  • System-in-Package (SiP) development and production 
  • Customer-specified marking and final packing
  • Test sockets and interconnect solutions selection and procurement
ASIC prototypes validation, testing and verification

Mass production of ASIC/SoC products 

Project Support

Legal and logistics support during fabrication and shipment stages: 
  • export/import support, custom clearance, export licensing
  • Intellectual property protection: drafting and filing of patent application in Russia and other countries, ASIC topology and trademark registration.

In-depth knowledge of ASIC design methodology, close cooperation with leading design houses, IP vendors and foundries make NAUTECH a perfect link between local market opportunities and international technology providers enabling the fast growing Russian ASIC market.

International Presence and Local Support

The NAUTECH team is based in Moscow and provides support on every stage of ASIC creation. NAUTECH team members take care of various aspects of the project, such as technical questions, law and export support, intellectual property protection, account management and business development.

In order to unlock ASIC opportunities in Russia/CIS market NAUTECH works as single point of contact for your ASIC business in RCIS geography. NAUTECH local team provides complete sales, marketing and technical support, including presale and post-sale/integration support, consultancy on IP blocks selection and SoC integration.

Extensive knowledge of Russia’s electronics industry, close cooperation with local design houses and market influencers, understanding of Russian legal, export/import and business specifics – that helps us to commend a wide portfolio of ASIC services and IP vendors for key Russian customers.